Mak Cun’s Adventure is a time-management simulation mobile game based on the popular TV series featuring Erma Fatima. It is an addictive food-related game that carries elements of entrepreneurship and an introduction to iconic Malaysian delicacies such as ‘nasi lemak’, ‘char koay teow’, ‘kopi-o’ and more.

The element of entrepreneurship is also showcased when players have to collect enough ‘coins’ and ‘gems’ to upgrade their stall or expand their business.

Monthly Active Users

60,000 – 80,000

Target Audience
  1. 18 – 34 years old
  2. 60% females
  3. Casual gamers
  4. Loves pop culture
  5. Fans of Mak Cun TV show
  6. Active hours 6 – 10PM



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